Cara received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from California State University, Long Beach in 2010 and went on to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy from West Coast University in 2018. During the time between undergrad and grad school, she worked as a physical therapy aide for five years, two of which were with Ventura Orthopedics in Simi Valley. After completing her doctorate, Cara worked in pediatric therapy before rejoining Ventura Orthopedics in 2019.

A certified Pilates instructor, Cara believes in treating her patients as a whole, mind and body. She gives them the tools they need to live an active, healthy life while providing patient-centered care.

Originally from Santa Barbara, Cara lives in Simi Valley with her husband and infant daughter. A former dancer/performer turned triathlete, she enjoys running, swimming and cycling in her free time.

Simi Valley