Palita received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California (USC) and a doctorate degree in occupational therapy from USC.

After interning at several hand clinics throughout Los Angeles before graduate school, Palita developed a passion for restoring patients’ participation in meaningful and purposeful activities through hand therapy. Prior to joining Ventura Orthopedics in 2016, she completed clinical rotations at the VA hospital in Tucson, Ariz. and California Children Services.

Currently residing in downtown Los Angeles, Palita grew up in Thailand and moved to Southern California when she was 11 years old. A freelance painter on the side, arts and crafts are her main hobbies — which explains why she loves making hand splints. Palita also loves cooking (especially Thai food) and hiking with her two Shiba Inus.

Simi Valley